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Our Governors

As a Governing Body we are always striving to improve the curriculum, quality of teaching facilities and opportunities within learning for each and every child.

The Full Governing Body meet 6 times a year to discuss the Headteacher’s reports and any other business. Working closely with Embark Federation, school Governors are responsible for the management of the school. They work closely with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that the school achieves its aim of giving every child the best possible education in a happy and caring environment.

Responsibilities include, deciding how the school budget is spent, maintaining the buildings and playgrounds, monitoring the school’s academic performance, appointing new staff, deciding policies on a variety of issues and planning for the future.

Teaching and Learning Criteria: Its main purpose is to discuss and monitor all aspects of the school work around pupil attainment and progress, ensuring that the school’s curriculum is broad and balanced and meets the statutory requirements.

Resource Management Criteria: This committee’s main purpose is to ensure that the school spending remains within budget and that all funds are spent wisely to best meet the needs of the pupils. Health and Safety of the school site is also part of this committee’s remit.

The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected biannually at the first meeting of the academic year. All governors to a school’s Governing Body must be elected or appointed.

Ladywood Primary School's Full Governing Body

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Miss M Lawson

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Polli Watkin

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Craig Vitale

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Amy Slater

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Patricia Morrell

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Chloe Jackson

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Nicola Chambers

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Lisa Washington

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Kayleigh Barry

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 Miss McColgan

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             Mrs Herbert

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Governors who have stepped down from office in the last 12 months:

  • Sheila Hickling: Associate Governor
  • Amanda Speake: Staff
  • Sarah Taylor: Co-opted / Chair

Governor Constitution

  • There are 4 Co-opted Governors who are appointed by the Governing Body
  • There are 2 Parent Governors who are appointed by parent / carers
  • There is 1 staff Governor, who is elected by staff
  • There is 1 Community Governor, who is appointed by the Governing Body
  • The Headteacher is a Governor by virtue of her office
  • Associate Governors are appointed by the Governing Body
  • There are 9 Governors in total. Associate Governors have no voting rights

Copies of minutes from Full Governing Body meetings can be made available on request.

If you want to be part of Ladywood Primary’s Governing Body please enquire about any vacancies.

To write to the Governors, please contact:

Miss A Fowler: Clerk to Governors

Ladywood Primary School, Oliver Road, Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire, DE7 4HN


The Private School Fund 2021/2022 has been audited and Governors have approved